Automatic commercial ice machines are used in restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals and a variety of commercial and industrial facilities for both food and patient care applications. The equipment is selected based on a combination of features that best fit the customer. Common attributes include ice type, ice production capacity, ice hardness and ice clarity, as well as form factor and size of footprint.

Commercial ice machines can be classified into either of two general equipment types, batch-type and continuous-type.

Batch-type ice makers harvest ice with alternating freezing and harvesting periods and can be used in a variety of applications, but are generally used to generate ice for use in beverages. Continuous-type ice makers produce ice through a continuous freeze and harvest process and include flake and nugget ice makers. Flake ice is used primarily in food displays, such as seafood grocery store displays or salad bars, whereas nugget ice is primarily used in beverage applications.

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